💻How does our valuation work?

We rely on a fundamental analysis of supply and demand to determine the fair market value of an asset.

Our team utilizes a fundamental analysis of supply and demand to determine fair market value. We undergo a complex process that involves calculating historic floor prices, trait confidence, and other measures to identify trait trends.

To ensure that we arrive at accurate results, we undertake a process of filtering out traits that do not provide value to an NFT. It helps us to eliminate outliers and find the correct value for an impactful trait.

Once we have filtered the traits, we train our model extensively to achieve the highest level of accuracy possible. We use the current base price along with recent trait values (from trait trend) to estimate the value of a particular NFT.

Objectivity is vital in our approach, and we avoid subjective criteria. With enough transactions in a collection, we can accurately represent the subjective qualities of a particular asset.

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